Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The last series of work i made, entitled Sweeping Confetti From the Floor of the Concrete Hole tried to analyze and point out certain aspects of love relationships gone wrong. I was interested in confusion, frustration and misguided ideas tied to the concept of love. 
Departure is likely to be the last in this series, concluding it symbolically, addressing the issue of leaving or being left abandoned. Basically, I tried to show a situation evoking a very specific, brief and often traumatic period of transition from the relationship. This particular moment in time is composed out of a mixture of an actual physical space, where the action takes place in, and the mental image or a state of mind of the imaginary protagonist ending the relationship.  
As i may have mentioned earlier, what i find particularly interesting is exploring the possibility of notions such as time and action inside the painting which is evidently very static and mute. 
I used the form of triptych to show development of events presented in their chronological order as i imagined them unfolding through the eyes of my imaginary protagonist. Departure shows the space filled with the personal artifacts belonging to the two people who used to share life. Each panel shows three stages of separation inside a single space, ordered chronologically from left to right. First one showing the stuff in space prior to collapse while the relationship was sailing happily along. The second, central panel, shows the protagonist in the moment of transition, immersed in reorganizing and packing material artifacts that surround him. The third panel shows physically and emotionally empty space, alienated from the human presence, uninhabited reminder of life and love that used to occupy it.