Thursday, September 29, 2011

Joy Division

This one was hard. It was hard to make, hard to title and as hell hard to photograph. The idea behind it follows further development of love matter, focusing on the role of male friends in break-up. So i wanted an image where the main protagonist, obviously plagued by hurt and despair caused by ending relationship is surrounded by his male friends. 
But they don't have a clue what to do.
The image aims at the vague territory of the support we all kind of need in moments like these, but fail to receive..the way it would be of help at least. Not like there's no right intention there, the opposite really. Friends are there for good or bad, but mute, without any good or satisfying word of comfort that you can believe in. 
There was this one time when my soul was broken, two of my friends took me on a trip to the end of the world. We drove there for couple of days. I felt like a mental patient most of the time, but as we traveled along fun we had was getting better by the hour and by the time we got back i was reborn. What they did, even though it wasn't more than just being there, was beyond words. 
But i guess if you're in a need for a word of advice, you're in trouble. There is none. So i wanted a work about that, how mute support really is and how those who love you cannot help you. Painting it got really tough as i moved forward. We had a photo-session where i shaped the image and it took me ages to get the painting done.
The troubling name of 'Joy Division' was the best one by far. Leave out the implication of monolith band behind the name, It felt right in so many ways: 'division' suggest a very male thing going on and 'joy' is what they're there for. But then there is the band and the chances of disregarding it when seeing the title are minimal i know, and the world war two implication..trouble. Still the title sounded perfect for this work and despite its dangers, i'm keeping it.