Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweeping Confetti From the Floor of the Concrete Hole

In the previous work I mentioned I want to cover some of the darker side effects of this particular notion of love. 
Among these, several stand out on which i plan to pay more attention. The end result will be a body of work where each painting will try to address a different notion. White Buffalo tried to address the idea of a certain somebody you wanted bad but just kept evading, forever distant. Sweeping Confetti From the Floor of the Concrete Hole on the other hand, deals with dark side of already accomplished relationship. Thought as diptych, it sets two protagonists in a obviously same environment but physically divided by two separate canvas.  Constant reminder that each bear a world of their own, different and self-sufficient. Perhaps suggesting that in order to work, these two opposite frames of mind will be constantly made to understand and embrace each other despite the disparity between the two. Anyone who spent any time in a relationship knows hard work needed to overcome even the smallest issues along the way. With this in mind one concludes - not giving up may be the hardest thing to do, but in the end just as equally rewarding.  Still, between two canvas the gap will always exist, would it be any fun otherwise..