Sunday, March 30, 2008


The name of the work in Croatian is nafta which I prefer in its resonance, but, since that name has been internationally associated with a trading organization, I had no choice but to refer to the recently resurrected title of Upton Sinclair’s Oil!. Despite the risk of being depicted as zeitgeist or trendy, I have decided to adopt the name after all. Nevertheless, what I have attempted to do with it was to simulate or to stage a situation of a personal catastrophe. I imagined a character experiencing an emotional breakdown. It seems that my work is more often than not driven by a desire or a need to pin down various emotions, to visualize them, lacking an adequate verbal construction. Interestingly enough, my personal taste has been very closely connected to melancholy, be it in visual matters, music, or anything else. I have experienced it as a very potent drive, beautiful at the same time, and I think certain injustice has been done by attaching it to the Dürer’s image as its most famous icon. In order to depict that feeling of loss, I somehow felt that, if I could drown the image in melancholy, I would obtain that visualization of sadness - call it a Plot Player’s personal disaster, right! Melancholy feeds on beauty, hence the setting is not some dark & gloomy corner. That could lead to banality. The most interesting solution of all offered itself in the form of an ecological allegory. According to many, my work has been many things at once so far, but it has hardly ever been activist. My intention has never been to point a finger at the wrongs of the World, when there is a Universe of wrongs within me that I find so fascinating. So the key premise was found in travesty of one’s glorification of personal disasters to the range of global ecological/enviromental issues.