Friday, November 2, 2007

-Goodbye Desolate Railyard-

Goodbye Desolate Railyard is the title taken of Silver Mt. Zion song which lent itself descriptively to the painting. If it had a sound to it, it would fit into any of the given band`s songs even though mood which I would prefer would be Dayvan Cowboy of Boards of Canada. That song has a video by Melissa Olson showing stock footage of Joseph Kittinger`s landmark sky dive from a helium balloon that had pierced the atmosphere, effectively leaving Kittinger in free fall from space in 1960. Figure depicted jumping out of the crane is that of Will Oldham. I tried to piece together various ideas of beauty as I see/feel them wallowing around in my mind. I also tried to use different persona's to embody someone else in order to avoid simple narrative guiding the image. Layering of different personalities into one figure is an attempt to make painting open for several different angles/directions of reading. I’m always oppressed by the feel that all good art is never one-way street. Hence the need to broaden the possibilities in order not to get cornered by singular reading of the image, danger which may lead to banality.