Sunday, October 21, 2007

-My Home Is Nowhere Without You-

-My Home Is Nowhere Without You- is the work which deals with the certain issue of Transgression of Everyday. The Escape Myth is one out of many images of globalised society. Illusion of escaping gray everyday in which no common sense appears, departing into far gone, unknown and distant places – which finds its surrogate in contemporary form of tourism – is probably one of longlasting cultural phenomenon of the modern age. It is within this space that the popular culture operates, offereing bandages for all of our wounds. Transgression of everyday is a form of escapism. One of the best products that Pop-culture has to offer is the escape from everyday presented to us in a form of music and movies (presumably its strongest media). Mind moves to another palce in a matter of time that takes to press play. It is the given contradiction between instant solution to ongoing essential battles taking place through growing up and on in life, wich is the key to this work. Solemn figure confronted to epic distraction in the shape of pixel. And if I may loosely use Nietzches statement that art is elsewhere, the answer in the form of mammoth comes as nothing more than a sad joke.