Wednesday, June 6, 2007


This was the first painting in North cycle. It took around two and a half month to do it. Most adventurous thing was make this -plasma- wall in front of the boys. It was the idea of this line pattern that puzzled me ever since my school days and with this piece i wanted to give it a go. This pattern appears on other paintings of mine as well ( -No.7- from 6 Kilometers was the first where i did it), but what differs this one from the other is the layering process i applied. First, I made a pattern using only white laying lines in entire 360°. The given pattern in that stage was exactly like the one in No.12 behind the forest and the falling kid. And then I was to make a colour pattern on top of the white one, using diluted colours, so that the white pattern applied first could stay seen. This process would result with a visual result of a colored noise. I needed a surface that would be worth of curiosity felt by the kids staring.

The initial idea was to have a painting as the place of refuge. Where no man dwells but them kids. To have the image that breathes yearning desire.