Friday, May 25, 2007


-No.11-. This was fourth work in the North cycle. It was born out of Jorg Sasse photograph, the mesmerising image i came across digging the Internet. His work became one of my favourite influences, mostly due to his suttle rendering of images pointed towards isolation and emptiness. The world of no mans land, even when people are in it. Beautiful. The glory of the image alone, where artificial colour and pixel speak of our God given right to be happy and sad. At the same time. That's where my painting starts. -North- was consisted of paintings that speak of many things at once. As I go with this blog, intention is to get them clear. With -No.11- there was this big burden of his photo. It was all ready filled with specific emotion of space, emptiness.. basically everything I wanted too. That was the greatest danger. I needed to get similar vibe with his work as a reference but with my own tools. The large scale always help. I rendered pattern of white lines in order to slice the space in tiniest fragments. Also I see it as a tool of exploration for the time being. I am trying to find another way to represent. The children running were meant to go nowhere. I desperately tried to avoid the implication of competition or a contest. At one point I felt such resentment when I saw painting developing in that direction. Hence, I over-painted figures. I put halos of smoke or sand dust over them in order to melt them with environment, so they all became one inseparable image. The images above are recorded process of about month and a half work.